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7 Benefits of Ordering Medication from Canada

Sep 27, 2022

Why should you be ordering medication from Canada and abroad? It's easy to agree that Americans should have the same access to affordable prescription medications as the rest of the world. In many countries with universal health coverage, a single entity holds sole responsibility for purchasing drugs and negotiating prices to keep things fair....

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Canadian Drug Prices vs. U.S. Drug Prices

Sep 5, 2022

Have you ever struggled to pay for prescription drugs?; don't worry, you're not alone. With U.S. prescription drug prices rising, it seems more Americans are looking to Canada to save money on their essential medications. Over the last few decades, the great divide between U.S. and Canadian drug prices has only become more pronounced. ...

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Generic vs. Name-Brand Drugs: Is There A Difference?

Aug 23, 2022

When it comes to the continually expanding world of pharmacology, the sheer number of brand-name and generic drugs can be pretty confusing for healthcare providers, let alone their patients. Patients are often prescribed one medication at their appointment, only to discover a different drug name on their bottle once they get home. But is there a...

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Importing Prescription Drugs for Personal Use: Is the Importation of Drugs from Canada Safe?

May 3, 2022

Talk about the importation of drugs is frequently in the news. But what does that mean for Americans? Is importing prescription drugs for personal use legal? Or safe?Online Canadian pharmacies and pharmacy referral services are well-known sources for pharmaceutical importation because Canada's pharmaceutical prices are more affordable thanks...

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What's Behind the Rising Cost of Prescription Drugs? 5 Causes of Rising Drug Prices in the U.S.

Apr 12, 2022

The rising cost of prescription drugs has significant implications not only for the Americans who rely on them but also for the nation's budget and fiscal outlook. Year after year, drug price trends are outpacing inflation. So, what is driving the high price of prescription drugs? The top five commonly cited causes of rising drug prices...

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Five Things You Need to Know About Ordering Prescription Drugs Through Canada

Apr 10, 2022

Everyone knows U.S. prescription drug prices are sky-high. Studies show that prescription drug prices in the U.S. are 218% of those in Canada, and those prices continue to increase. Reports indicate that U.S. drug makers recently raised prices an average of nearly 5% on 460 drugs. Ordering prescription drugs through Canadahas become an effective...

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How To Find a Legitimate & Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Referral Service Online

Apr 6, 2022

Like many Americans, you may have heard of online Canadian pharmacies and pharmacy referral services as possible sources for pharmaceutical care, but how do you find a reliable Canadian pharmacy you can trust? We're here to help and reassure you that online pharmacies and pharmacy referral services can be just as safe and reliable as your...

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CIPA: How Online Canadian Pharmacies Save You Money

Apr 4, 2022

The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) was formed in 2002. Their job is to work with regulators, pharmacists, physicians, consumer special interest groups, government members and patients to improve mail-order pharmacy websites. The standards they set protect patient safety while ensuring patient savings on the medications they...

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Over-the-Counter vs. Prescription Drugs: What Are the Similarities & Differences?

Mar 30, 2022

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs provide a wide range of benefits for their users. If you look at over-the-counter vs. prescription medications, there are several similarities and differences. In this article, we'll define and compare over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Read on to learn more about these two crucial types of...

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