What is a Tier 1 Pharmacy?

Drugmart.com sources products exclusively from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. These countries are designated “Tier 1” by Congress, which means they are favoured trading partners, and have highly government-regulated supply chains for their pharmaceuticals. Our Tier 1 pharmacy partners are located in these advanced, industrialised nations which have the highest pharmaceutical standards and strictest regulations for drug dispensing, manufacturing and procurement.

Many consumers prefer purchasing from Tier 1 countries. This is due to the elevated safety standards and the associated peace-of-mind resulting from the strict guidelines that Tier 1 countries must adhere to. Tier 1 pharmacies tend to have slightly higher prices - still far lower than local American pharmacy prices for name-brand products – and are intended for consumers who place more emphasis on quality and higher pharmacy standards over price.

That's not to say non-Tier 1 pharmacies aren’t safe or reliable; rather Tier 1s adhere most closely to the high standards as set by the FDA.

The "Tier 1" designation is not to be confused with Tier 1 drugs as defined by insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare, which use the term Tier 1 to classify drugs within their formulary.

What else can you expect when ordering from Drugmart.com?

  1. Free shipping on each and every order to the continental USA and its territories.
  2. For non over-the-counter drugs all purchases must be accompanied by a prescription as issued by a primary care physician after an in-person physical examination or a virtual tele-health consultation.
  3. High-risk products such as controlled, potentially abused, or pseudoephedrine medications are not sold by Drugmart.com.
  4. All product sales are limited for the patient's personal use only.
  5. Licensed pharmacists conduct therapeutic screening and review of every order for every patient; providing counseling as required and/or requested.
  6. All product packaging and directions are in English.
  7. Strict protection of personal health information.