Covonia Double Impact (Menthol)

Covonia Double Impact

Product of UK/EU. Shipped from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Covonia Double Impact lozenges deliver just what their name implies — a powerful one-two punch to help relieve lingering cough symptoms. Just as efficacious as Covonia cough syrup or Covonia throat spray, these cough drops provide the relief you need when you need it.

If you want cough or sore throat relief, Covonia cough medicine is the answer you're looking for. Covonia lozenges' double impact offers comfort on two different fronts; the cough drops are specially formed into two halves1 — a brown side to provide a warming sensation and a white side that delivers menthol to help soothe and clear airways.

Whether searching for Covonia mucus cough medicine or Covonia chesty cough medicine, their double impact lozenges provide welcome relief. They're cough drops you'll want to have handy whenever troublesome cough symptoms appear.

Sore throats and coughs are no fun; they slow you down and days and nights seem to drag on. But if you have Covonia Double Impact lozenges, you're always ready to fight the most challenging cough symptoms.

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Order Covonia Double Impact lozenges today and be prepared at the first sign of a cough.

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