How To Find a Legitimate & Reliable Canadian Pharmacy Referral Service Online


Like many Americans, you may have heard of online Canadian pharmacies and pharmacy referral services as possible sources for pharmaceutical care, but how do you find a reliable Canadian pharmacy you can trust? We're here to help and reassure you that online pharmacies and pharmacy referral services can be just as safe and reliable as your local brick-and-mortar pharmacy — if you choose the right one. Keep reading to learn how to buy prescriptions from Canada safely.

What Is an Online Pharmacy or Pharmacy Referral Service?

Online pharmacies sell prescription and non-prescription medications on the web. They can be:

  • Online branches of brick-and-mortar local pharmacies.

  • Independent Internet-only websites.

There are also pharmacy referral services like — websites that represent a partnership among pharmacies that connect people with affordable suppliers for their medications. They source drugs from their network of trusted pharmacies and offer them for sale online, often at substantial savings.

What About Ordering From a Canadian Online Pharmacy or Referral Service?

Americans seeking discounted medication frequently look north to their Canandian neighbors, assuming that all online pharmacies are created equal. But not every online pharmacy is actually a reputable Canadian pharmacy.

U.S. residents are interested in ordering medications from Canada because they are often cheaper than what is available in their own country. Canada's pharmaceutical prices are more affordable because of the government's price controls on prescription drugs.

However, just because a pharmacy has "Canada" in its name doesn't necessarily mean it is a legitimate Canadian pharmacy.

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Potential Dangers of Online Pharmacies

Unfortunately, knowing how to buy prescriptions from Canada safely can be a challenge. Fly-by-night unscrupulous drug companies take advantage of patients desperate to reduce their spending on prescription drugs. Some of the risks include:

  • Counterfeit drugs may be substituted for the actual medication.

  • Improper procedures could allow the wrong medicine to be shipped.

  • You may receive contaminated or outdated medications.

  • Questionable cyber security and foreign servers put consumers' personal information at risk.

That's why it's important to research how to find a reputable Canadian pharmacy before placing an order.

How To Find a Reputable Canadian Pharmacy

There are many legitimate pharmacies selling medication online, but how do you know which are safe? Here are some tips for choosing a legit pharmacy online.

Check To See if a Prescription Is Required

A reliable Canadian pharmacy or referral service will never allow you to order prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Not needing verification of your prescription is a sure sign that the company is not a safe online pharmacy.

Investigate Prices

If prices are too good to be true or the company is charging exorbitant prices, these are warning signs that you may not be dealing with a reputable Canadian pharmacy or referral service. Tier 1 pharmacies, like’s affiliates, may have slightly higher prices due to the stricter regulations imposed on them.

Look for a Physical Address

An international or Canadian online pharmacy website with no location listed is a red flag. Dishonest firms try to hide the fact that they are located in countries that lack the same strict regulations and high standards that industrialized countries impose.

Choose Licensed or Certified Providers

When a pharmacy or pharmacy referral service is certified, it means that it has been rigorously reviewed and inspected to meet certain criteria. Certification can help you verify that a Canadian pharmacy is a reputable provider.

Consumers can help protect themselves from unethical pharmacies by checking the Canadian International Pharmacy Association's (CIPA) list of verified online pharmacies and referral services.


How To Buy Prescriptions from Canada Safely

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The content on this page is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Patients should not use the information presented on this page for diagnosing a health-related issue or disease. Before taking any medication or supplements, patients should always consult a physician or qualified healthcare professional for medical advice or information about whether a drug is safe, appropriate or effective.