Five Things You Need to Know About Ordering Prescription Drugs Through Canada

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Everyone knows U.S. prescription drug prices are sky-high. Studies show that prescription drug prices in the U.S. are 218% of those in Canada, and those prices continue to increase. Reports indicate that U.S. drug makers recently raised prices an average of nearly 5% on 460 drugs. Ordering prescription drugs through Canadahas become an effective means for U.S. residents to fight against high drug costs.

As more Americans have purchased drugs sourced from outside the U.S. to take advantage of lower drug prices, questions are bound to arise about ordering medicine through Canada. This article looks at the facts people need to know before ordering prescription drugs through Canada.

1. U.S. Residents Can Import Prescription Drugs Through Canada

The first question many people ask is, "Is it legal to order prescription drugs from Canada? The short answer is no — the U.S. Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 bans the personal importation of drugs from other countries. While the practice is technically illegal in most circumstances, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not actively prosecuted residents who import prescription drugs through Canadian pharmacy brokers, and U.S. customs officials do not enforce the current law. In effect, U.S. residents have incurred no penalty for importing prescription drugs for personal use.

Generally, Canadian pharmacies or online prescription referral services have been able to mail up to a three-month supply of medications that are not opioids or other controlled substances.

Many U.S. administrations have tried to work on a way for businesses to legally import prescription drugs from Canada. Until legal drug importation programs are a reality, U.S. residents can continue ordering medicine through Canada directly.

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2. Ordering Prescription Drugs Through Canada Is Safe

Many people wonder about the safety of ordering prescription drugs through Canada. It's good to be wary: Health Canada reports that 74% of online pharmacies in North America are not trustworthy.

U.S. residents who are concerned about the safety of mail-order drugs should make sure to purchase medications only from a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA certifies online pharmacies and prescription referral services that sell non-narcotic, name-brand pharmaceuticals and maintenance medications at lower costs than those in the U.S.

The association holds its members to stringent safety standards to ensure drugs shipped to U.S. residents from CIPA-certified websites are authentic. is a proud CIPA member.

3. Talk to a Pharmacist

When you're ordering medicine through Canada, another way to tell that you're dealing with a reputable supplier is the ability to talk directly to a pharmacist. For instance, you can contact and ask for a pharmacist to answer your questions about our high-quality prescription drugs. We're always ready to answer any questions you may have about sending prescriptions through Canada to the USA.

4. It's Easy to Import Prescription Drugs Through Canada

When you work with a CIPA-certified online prescription referral service like, you just need to follow a few simple steps to import prescription drugs through Canada:

  1. Obtain a valid prescription from your physician.

  2. Browse our affordable prescription drugs by the first letter of their name or use the search bar to find the medications you need.

  3. Select the brand-name or generic version (if available) of your prescribed drugs.

  4. Answer a short medical health questionnaire.

  5. Place your order.

  6. Submit your prescription by uploading a photo, sending an email, submitting a fax or sending physical mail. We can also contact your doctor for the prescription.

Ordering prescription drugs through Canada is that simple.

5. Generics and Non-Prescription Drugs Are Also Available

If you're interested in ordering prescription drugs through Canada, you should know that you can also import generics and non-prescription medications. From Advil to Zyrtec, has the non-prescription drugs you need at prices you can afford.

Count on When You Need to Import Prescription Drugs Through Canada

When you work with, ordering medicine through Canada is easy, safe and cost-effective. You can rely on our reputable network of pharmacies to deliver the authentic drugs you need. If you're ready to import prescription drugs through Canada and our other verified international pharmacies, you can start today by browsing our available medications.

The content on this page is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute professional medical advice. Patients should not use the information presented on this page for diagnosing a health-related issue or disease. Before taking any medication or supplements, patients should always consult a physician or qualified healthcare professional for medical advice or information about whether a drug is safe, appropriate or effective.