CIPA: How Online Canadian Pharmacies Save You Money


The Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) was formed in 2002. Their job is to work with regulators, pharmacists, physicians, consumer special interest groups, government members and patients to improve mail-order pharmacy websites. The standards they set protect patient safety while ensuring patient savings on the medications they receive from Canadian pharmacies and their other international pharmacies .

Not all Canadian pharmacies are members of CIPA. To get cheap Canadian drugs online and drugs from other international sources that are also safe and effective, you need to choose a Canadian drugstore certified by CIPA.

Have you asked yourself, "Why are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada?" If so, read on to learn more about what makes CIPA important, how choosing international and Canadian drugs can save you money and why ordering from – a trusted partner of CIPA – is the best option when you need safe medication at a great price. works with international and Canadian pharmacies to provide you with quality medication at a great price.

Why Are Prescription Medications so Expensive in America?

Many Americans - especially the elderly - are finding it difficult to afford their medications. Studies have found that many Americans are skipping the medications they need because of prohibitive costs. There are several reasons why prescription drugs have become so expensive.

Protection for Drug Exclusivity

When new prescription medications are placed on the market in the U.S., they're protected by patent and drug exclusivity. These patents last 20 years from the application filing date which prohibits other pharmaceutical companies from copying and selling the same product.

The law was intended to inspire research and development of effective treatments for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. While this effectively protects the drug companies, it results in expensive drug costs that many patients can't afford, even when they have insurance.

Rises in Supply Chain & Administrative Costs

Like everything else, prescription drug costs are affected by changes in the supply chain. Insurance companies, pharmacy benefits managers and employers have a say in drug costs, based on price increases they experience. Administrative costs have also driven up the price of prescription drugs.

Pharmaceutical Company Lobbying and Government Inaction

Big pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars in election contributions and lobbying efforts to influence law-makers in their favor. And although several administrations have attempted to pass drug price controls, the personal importation of drugs from foreign sources remains prohibited in the US - to a degree. In spite of drug importation being illegal, several government departments, including the FDA and the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, do not enforce the law with certain stipulations. Still, many Americans are dissuaded from buying drugs through Canada for fear of running afoul of the law. This protection from foreign competition and the lack of governmental price controls contribute to the high cost of medications in America.


Why Are Americans Turning to Cheap Canadian Drugs Online?

As you probably know by now, health care costs are rising in the U.S. at a rate many people are just not prepared to pay. In many cases, customers can save hundreds of dollars on their prescriptions by ordering from international and Canadian pharmacies online. Here's one example:

Epinephrine Pen: These life-saving pens are used when a person has a severe allergic reaction. If you were paying out-of-pocket at an American pharmacy, an epinephrine pen would cost between $650 to $730 for the brand name product and $150-$400 for the generic version. At, a CIPA-certified supplier of prescription drugs, the current cost is $166 for the brand name product and $136 for the generic. Prices may change without notice.

Other common prescription international and Canadian drugs you can save on include:

  • Inhalers:Help people with chronic asthma

  • Statins: Reduce cholesterol

  • ACE Inhibitors: Lower blood pressure

  • Anticonvulsants: Control epileptic seizures

You May Pay Less Online if You Are Uninsured

Many Americans lack health insurance for prescription drugs. Without this insurance, these drugs can be very costly. Take note of what you're paying for your prescription at your local pharmacy. Then see what it would cost to order prescription drugs from a Canadian drugstore like You'll almost certainly save on prescription costs by taking advantage of the lower price of drugs in Canada.

Availability of Reliable Generic Drugs

Consumers prefer brand-name products when shopping for food or appliances. But by choosing generic drugs from an online international or Canadian pharmacy, patients have discovered they can get the same effectiveness for a significantly lower price. Generic drugs are just copies of brand-name drugs. And while your pill may be a different color or shape, it can be just as effective. When your doctor gives you a prescription, ask if you can use a generic drug instead. The answer will be affirmative in most cases, providing a generic is available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online International and Canadian Pharmacies

Getting the right prescription can be a matter of life and death, so you must find a source for prescription drugs that you can trust. Following are some of the commonly asked questions about cheap Canadian drugs online.

How Do I Know Which Canadian Drugstore to Trust?

Make sure any of the online pharmacies or drugstores you shop are on the list provided by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). CIPA verified members meet rigorous privacy and safety standards. is on this list. We work with Canadian and international pharmacies to bring you safe, effective prescription medications. also offers non-prescription drugs and pet medications.

Why Are Drugs Cheaper in Canada?

Canada offers lower prescription drug prices because they're regulated by the Canadian government. In Canada, there are review boards to decide on pricing and what they believe are reasonable or excessive prices.

Is it Permissible for Americans to Get Prescriptions Filled by International and Canadian Pharmacies?

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) allows U.S citizens to purchase cheap Canadian drugs, provided they are for personal use and don't exceed a 3-month supply.

CIPA-Certified Canadian Pharmacies Provide Safe, Effective Prescription Drugs is a CIPA-member Canadian prescription referral service with hundreds of medications at incredible savings. We source from reputable pharmacies located in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. We offer non-prescription Canada drugs and pet medications, too!

Rest assured, even though you may receive your medication from a country other than Canada, because your order is placed through - which is a CIPA sanctioned seller - it's just as safe as if it were shipped directly from our Canadian pharmacy.

If you need expert advice, can connect you with a team of licensed pharmacists to address your concerns. Our customer service team will help with any questions you may have. You can also check out our list of FAQs to get answers to the most-asked questions we receive. Find your prescription, create an account and start saving on your meds from today!

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